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What is Coaching in Jordan?

Coaching Vision and Mission

JSD Instructional Coaches improve professional learning for educators through mutual respect, collegial relationships and a shared responsibility for student learning. (Adopted June 1, 2022)


In Jordan School District, we believe every educator is a learner (Jordan Educators Leading Learning Framework). The instructional coaching model supports job-embedded professional learning and effective instructional practices. With a specific focus on shared practices, collective learning, and application, all educators are encouraged to engage in reflection and self-improvement. This process equips educators to accelerate learning for all learners. Additionally, this model serves as a communication link between the Jordan School District central office and each school campus. 

With an emphasis on learning environment, curriculum, design, and assessment, instructional coaching provides 

  • Differentiated support to educators as they implement proven practices 
  • Empathetic listeners that build trusting relationships with a repertoire of excellent communication skills 
  • Encouragement and support for educator reflection about their classroom evidence-based practice 
  • Help in creating a plan that realizes the educator’s goals with a focus on improving instruction 
  • Support in developing a deep understanding of evidence-based instructional practices


Jim Knight on Instructional Coaching